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Riverside boats welcomes you!

Diretcly from the riverside of Danube. Made by a highly experieced hungarian aluminum master- and passionated fisherman and his professional team.
Its up to you dear coustumer to use it on a lake or on a river- our boats show the best performance at any kind of water- and any kind of fishing style- or just enjoing the speed for fun!
We are making our boats for you with love a passion!
All of ours boats are handmade with 3mm high class durable aluminum.
The basic  type can swim 25km/h even with a small 8hp engine! And can be motorized up to 40Hp and swim over 50km/h. 
We are here to make your lifetime boat as you wish.
Custom manufacturing
3mm high class durable aluminium
Custom design
Strong structure



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